Make Your Own Experience: A Storytelling & Side Hustle Workshop


July 12th, 2016 // 8:00PM ET

Applying for a job that requires more experience than you have?

Wondering how you're supposed to get experience on your own?

Want to start a side hustle but don't know how?

Having trouble pitching yourself to others?

Then you need to attend our FREE, live virtual workshop.

Our guess is that you have more experience than you give yourself credit for.

You might be applying for an internship or an entry level job and read the requirements only just to see that you need five years of experience. How the heck are you supposed to get experience if you need experience to get experience? This workshop will give you the tips you need to better position the experience you have, get the experience you don't, and get yourself hired.  

At Make Your Own Experience you will:  

  • Understand how to position "unofficial" experience, like clubs and volunteer projects, as valuable experience
  • Learn how to gain experience on your own terms, without asking for permission
  • Get info about starting and maintaining a successful side hustle 
  • Practice your pitch & talking about your experience at interviews and events
  • Share your story and get a boost of confidence while doing it

This Webinar Begins In



CEO/Founder of FindSpark

Emily has helped thousands of young pros take control of their careers as through FindSpark, a networking community for young professionals based in NYC with 20,000+ online members.

Emily has used Twitter and LinkedIn to grow her own network to over 10,000 connections and followers on each platform, recruit multiple interns for FindSpark, and discover new opportunities. 

A teach at heart, Emily is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching career courses at multiple colleges.

Emily is passionate about empowering others to reach their goals. And that includes you.

FindSpark is a community dedicated to setting up young professionals for career success through resources and experiences that grow networks and develop skill sets. 

FindSpark members have been hired at top companies like HBO, Blue Apron, L'Oreal, IPG Mediabrands, Warner Music Group, NBCUniversal, WeWork, The Barbarian Group, and Bustle.

Learn more and join the community at

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FindSpark brings together top talent with career professionals who ACTUALLY care about assisting young professionals in the workplace. After working with FindSpark, individuals feel motivated and ready to take on the scary world of the job market.”

Looking for an internship in New York while being in Florida could be seen as a daunting task with so much distance, but FindSpark has made it so easy. Connecting with companies and other interns alike has been made easily accessible to people, even when not in the same state, through their virtual workshops as well as Twitter chats.”

"FindSpark really goes out of their way to break down the fears of networking by being incredibly encouraging and welcoming, which sometimes is all you really need. They make sure to take care of their members from the moment you sign up for the event by connecting attendees with one another to the moment you exit the door by providing checklists and sending follow-ups emails. I know that when I attend FindSpark events, I will gain a lot of knowledge and business contacts and have a great time meeting amazing people."

"After buying my ticket and reading the email FindSpark sent out to help attendees prepare for the networking event, which included resume tips,marketing yourself, and insights from recruiters, I realized I wasn't being true to myself in the professional world. I thought to be a professional you had to put yourself in this stuffy box and dim down your personality. But after listening to videos of Emily speaking, I realized I was doing it all wrong! In the past, I thought showing too much personality would be my downfall but what I learned is that it's actually my biggest asset. I am so relieved and thankful for FindSpark for teaching providing me with insider tips, how to hold my own and how to be my best in the work place."

...Or go on missing out on using your untapped experience as a way to get awesome opportunities.